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by Leah x Gluten Free

supporting the gluten free community in finding the best of gluten free products!

My husband found out he had a gluten allergy when he was in elementary school and he often reminds me how good we have it now with just how many gluten free friendly options there are available. It can be hard to find quality products that don't fall apart or taste like cardboard or are filled with holes (you know the pain). This page is your one stop shop for the best of gluten free products, dairy free products, and other food and drink favorites I use in my every day life!

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links. I only link to products that I truly use or believe will be beneficial to you. Feel free to email me  at with any questions.

Gluten Free Staples

Heritage Honey Style White

Canyon Bakehouse

Our go-to sandwich bread! For one, it is huge -- no more sandwiches smaller than your hand! It isn't dry and and it stays together really well.



Whether you are looking for a garlic bread staple or a nice addition to a winter soup, you can't go wrong with Schaer!

Confetti Cake Mix

King Arthur

King Arthur is the brand I trust when it comes to baking mixes! Their cakes have great body, are moist, and don't get annoyingly dense. Plus who doesnt love a little funfetti in their life!

Gluten Free Bagels

liveGFree - Aldi

Aldi nails it with their GF bagels! They are large & have a classic bagel texture. They aren't dry and they do not fall apart. Plus they have multiple flavors!


Trader Joe's

If you want the best pre-made muffins, you have to go to Trader Joe's for their GF Coffee Cake Muffins. To. Die. For. So soft and sweet and they also come in a Chocolate option too!

Burger Buns


I swear by O'doughs' burger buns! They do not fall apart at all and have that classic restaurant burger bun look and taste! I would even feel confident sharing them with my non-GF friends!

Donuts + Donut Holes

Katz Gluten Free

Sometimes you just have a craving for donuts, but when you're gluten free, it is nearly impossible to find something that satisfies. Katz has the best donuts & donut holes that will do the trick!

Fresh Pasta

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's makes a fantastic GF Ravioli and fresh Egg Fettuccine! Their pasta doesn't fall apart and has the great taste and texture of a classic fresh pasta!


Feel Good Foods

Feel Good Foods is my go-to for fun frozen gluten free foods! From potstickers to pancake bites to pizza pockets, they have you covered for all of your favorite appetizers sans gluten!

Dairy Free Staples


Kite Hill

Kite Hill makes the only Vegan Ricotta I've been able to find and truthfully I don't feel the need to look any further! Works beautifully in a lasagna & I love it with a little fruit and honey too!

Plant Based Yogurt


When it comes to dairy free yogurt, I've tried them all. Siggi's is the only brand I have found that is able to recreate the creaminess of yogurt and their flavors are impeccable.

Vegan Mac & Cheese


Daiya takes the cake when it comes to their Vegan Mac & Cheese -- plus they are gluten free too! There are lots of styles to choose from but my favorite is White Cheddar!

Dairy Free Staples

Cream Cheese

Kite Hill

I have tried many dairy free cream cheese substitutes and I am confident when I say that Kite Hill hands down has the best options! Their cream cheese is so creamy, spreads easily, and bakes really well!

Coffee Creamer


I legitimately have Nut Pods every day in my coffee without fail. I love that they have both sweetened & unsweetened options and their flavors cannot be beat! My personal favorites are French Vanilla and Toasted Marshmallow!

Plant Based Shredded Cheese


If you are dairy free, then you know the plight of finding a gluten free cheese that actually melts, but somehow Daiya has it pretty much figured out! All things considered, I've gotten a pretty good cheese pull from their shreds!

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