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Get to know Leah!

the summer before my junior year of high school I watched every episode of Chopped on Netflix.

I had always enjoyed cooking, but this show made me view it in a whole new way! It was a way to

be creative and find how different flavor profiles and textures combine to make a beautiful meal!

my family was more than thrilled to be my guinea pig and that season of life has shaped so

much of how I approach cooking!

when my mom & I realized we had gluten intolerances that added a new layer to it all —

could I make gluten free meals without sacrificing taste, texture, and creativity?

After a few years I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it (you can ask the fam)!


Slowly but surely, cooking has become my creative outlet and the way that I love others.

Many of the meals I make are inspired by the people I do life with and my desire to make them

feel known! I always tell my husband that food is my love language and that everything

I make is truly made with love! And that is how Leah x Gluten Free was born

-- a way to document my recipes that are made with love and without any gluten!

thanks for being here - i hope you can taste the love!

Let's work together!


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Can't wait to work together!


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