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Gluten Free Italy Guide

I spent two glorious weeks in Italy filled with the best gluten free food I have ever had and I will never be the same again! Check out all the places we ate at that were either 100% gluten free or had amazing gluten free accommodations!

Greve in Chianti:

  • Coop:

    • The local grocery store with plenty of gluten free options! Can be found all over Italy!

  • Gelateria Mordicrema Greve:

    • gluten free gelato + gluten free cones

  • Ristorante Pizzeria La Cantina:

    • Super friendly owner and knowledgeable about gluten free needs! Had the pizza and it was yummy – thin crust and good flavor. Not the best pizza we had but still would eat again! Brought us gluten free bruschetta and desserts too!

  • Ristorante Oltre Il Giardino:

    • No gluten free options so we just went for the views, drinks, and steak. Very yummy Panna Cotta and Lemon Sorbetto for dessert!


  • Sgrano

    • If there is one place you go in Florence, it has to be Sgrano! 100% gluten free and the best sandwiches and tiramisu you will ever have!

  • Ciro & Sons

    • Every pasta & pizza dish can be made gluten free! Staff is super knowledgeable and the food is delicious!

  • Bar 50

    • Every morning in Florence started here for a gluten free pastry & a cappuccino!

  • Grom

    • Grom is in many of the major cities in Italy (and around Europe!) and it is also 100% gluten free! Your life isn’t complete until you have gelato on a warm waffle cone!

  • La Gelateria

    • Gluten free gelato + gluten free cannolis!

  • La Piazetta di Lorenzo Ristorante

    • Great place for Florentine steak + the have house made gluten free gnocchi!


  • Mama Eat

    • The Arancini is a MUST – all of your favorite fried foods + pizza and made gluten free!

  • Fiocco di Neve

    • This is another 100% gluten free facility & they are strict about it too! We watched a woman walk in with a gluten-full pizza and they asked her to leave immediately! Plus the gelato here was some of my favorite we had!


  • Trattoria Agli Artisti Pizzeria

    • Nice little lunch spot with gluten free pizza and pasta and fresh seafood!

  • Ristorante La Nuova Perla

    • Great dinner spot with water views and amazing service! Gluten free pizza and pasta available!


  • Il Miracolo Pizzeria

    • Gluten free pizza that is out of this world!

  • Lucignolo Bella Pizza

    • Another amazing pizza place with probably the best pizza I have ever had!


  • Il Ruttino

    • One of the best all around meals we had! Amazing drinks, gluten free pizza & pasta available with separate preparation spaces, and not only the best Lemon sorbet I have ever had but one of the best desserts I have ever had period.

  • Foreigners club

    • The offer a fully gluten free menu featuring house-made pastas, fried calamari and multiple dessert options! Plus they bring gluten free bread to the table that was delicious. Views of Mt Vesuvius plus amazing live music create a wonderful atmosphere!

  • Radical Sorrento

    • If you are craving an amazing eggs breakfast and a cold coffee, Radical Sorrento is the place! Gluten free bread available for sandwiches and french toast!


  • Arienzo Beach Club

    • Spent a day here enjoying the water and beauty of the amalfi coast. No gluten free pizza or pasta but they did have gluten free bread and brough out complementary bruschetta and had seafood, meats, and salads that were gluten free.


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