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Labor Day Hosting Guide

If you're gluten free, then you know the struggle of wondering what you'll be able to eat at a party. The veggie tray is probably safe, but don't touch the cheese and crackers. You probably can have the salad, sans croutons, and maybe a burger but you definitely won't be eating a burger bun. So you pick your way through veggies and the granola bar you shoved in your purse and just tell everyone to not worry about it.

To that I say "no more!" My mission with Leah x Gluten Free is not to just make the gluten free version of things but to normalize really tasty food that does not require gluten to begin with! So stick this post in your back pocket for this weekend or just casually send it over to that gluten-full friend of yours. I will be your one-stop shop for gluten free friendly hosting and I promise you, it will be fun, tasty, and easy.

The last summer holiday is upon us and I have the perfect hosting guide to get you through it.

You are going to start off strong with my Bacon Onion Jam with baked Brie and my Pineapple-Mango Salsa. Appetizer round = nailed it.

Then you're really going to get the party started with some Peach Strawberry Sangria. Refreshing and guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser.

For the main dish, you're going to grill up some Kebabs two ways. These are easily customizable and can be made to order!

Finally, you are going to end with the crown jewel -- the Icebox Cake. You've seen the pictures. I don't need to say anything more.

Happy hosting :)

P.S. If you make of these recipes, send me your pictures!


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