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Thanksgiving Hosting Guide

The winter holiday season is upon us and thus begins the wonderings of people with food allergies everywhere about what they will be able to eat at their various gatherings! Turkey could be a safe bet, but not if it has stuffing. Its almost guaranteed that the mashed potatoes are untouchable because they are probably loaded with milk and cheese. And oh the dinner rolls! What you would give to have a fresh baked dinner roll! Never mind dessert -- you're probably stuck with a piece of fruit that's been sitting in a basket for far too long.

Okay now maybe I am being a tad bit dramatic, but if you have food allergies, you get what I am saying! That's why I have created a fully gluten AND dairy free thanksgiving menu! From an appetizer to multiple sides and a dessert, I have you covered for an allergen friendly and most importantly delicious thanksgiving dinner!

And to make sure I nailed it with flavor, authenticity, and confidence that it did not taste gluten or dairy free, I tested out these recipes on friends who can eat gluten and dairy. It is safe to say, they were very pleased!







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